Get to know ONMARUS better!

We’d like to tell you as much as possible about us. Choose a rider with the desired information. Feel free to call us if you  have open questions:  +49 40 317 024 90

The Agency

ONMARUS was founded in 2010 in Hamburg and engages with online advertisement in Russia.

Goal: Support German and European companies with advertising on the Russian Internet.

Strategy:  Reliable, responsible and successful coordination of advertising campaigns. Each project we manage is important to us.

Mission: We are interested in long-term partnerships and want to save your time and even staff as much as possible.

Work organisation: We integrate us into your organization and adjust our work to your requirements. We reach the KPIs as a team together!

The Team

Our team constists of Russian-speaking professionals.

We understand Russian mentality very well. This helps us to effectively implement marketing activities.

We often attend conferences and seminar in Russia and cultivate our business contacts.
Each staff member is focused on one marketing area, we don’t do things halfway!


ONMARUS specializes in performance-based marketing channels. It means we optimize all marketing campaigns according to certain goals: number of leads, cost per lead (CPL), number of sales, cost per sale (CPS/ CPA), number of app installations,  in-app sales etc. We have strong competences in the following fields:

We also offer social media marketing and management and pursue clear and long-term goals such as boosting the degree of brand awareness and a long-term turnover increase by virtue of returning customers.


Our clients are German and European companies of different sizes. The majority of them are of a middle-sized sector. You can find an excerpt from our reference list here.

Due to the fact that we often cooperate with large German marketing agencies, not all the references are released.

We’ve been gathering experience in different branches for years, which makes it easy for us to establish business relationships with new customers with a similar business model. We’ve learnt very much from our experience; this allows us to avoid errors and false investments of advertising budgets.


We’ve already managed marketing projects in the the following fields:


Men’s and women’s fashion  ♦ Footwear ♦ Bags ♦ Glasses ♦ Children’s brands ♦ Furtniture and interior accessoires ♦ Perfume ♦ Pharmacology ♦ ePharmacy ♦ Electronics ♦ Software

Online Gaming:

Browser Games ♦ Social Games / Casino ♦ Client Games


Clinics (dental surgery, oncology, orthopaedics, neurology, etc.) ♦ Check-up practices ♦ Rehab centres ♦ cosmetic surgery ♦ Medical service providers


Travel service providers ♦ Cruises ♦ Country and city marketing


Language schools ♦ Recruitment agencies ♦ Market research institutes


Machinery ♦ Car trailers ♦ Advertising material POS, Outdoor applications


We’ve been an indipendent contract partner of the biggest Russian search engine since 2009. group including such social networks as and Odnoklassniki also belong to our long-term partners whose splendid development we’ve been accompanying since 2010.

Further partnerships with mobile and display networks as well as direct contacts with top platforms in Russia have been helping us for years to achieve beneficial conditions for our clients.

Und hier sind ein paar Impressionen von unserer Arbeit und Atmosphäre.